We help businesses secure a lifetime of Learn how Clever Marketing can build your sales pipeline in the next 90 days!

To any business owners looking to get more appointments - you have to give Clever Marketing a shot!

Generating new appointments can be hard!

Need more B2B appointments but feel uncomfortable with sales?

The thought of trying to generate leads through cold calling, LinkedIn prospecting or email outreach can feel daunting. But what if you had a team of lead generation experts on your side starting new conversations with decision-makers on your behalf?

Companies hire us to manage their outbound prospecting using cold email and LinkedIn. We feed leads to you or your sales team so that the only part of the sales process you're involved with is responding to interested prospects in your target market.

We'll do the horrible part of selling for you!

How it

it works!

We help businesses secure a lifetime of advertising budget from Google to educate and empower their target markets. Google is offering up to $10,000 per month in marketing budget for qualified organizations.

Sourcing Data

We start by finding the
decision-makers in the
companies in your target market

Email Warmup

We use special tools to
prepare your accounts to
maximise campaign


Our expert copywriters
split test personalised
outreach templates


Once you approve
everything, we are ready to
go live to generate your leads!

New Leads Arrive

On average clients will
receive their first leads
within 72 hours from
going live


These leads are sent to
you or your sales team to
arrange a booked



For unresponsive prospects we
implement a sophisticated
follow up campaign



Using data, we continually
optimise your campaign to
maximise the number of leads


Optimising Campaign Performance

How we optimise your campaign
using data!

We're in the business of performance marketing. If our clients aren't getting new sales, they leave. For this reason, constant optimisation to improve campaign performance is critical to our success.

We analyse everything from email deliverability, open rates, marketing angles, copywriter styles, subject lines and data quality to understand which area of the campaign is performing best.

Once a data source has revealed a meaningful pattern we are able to make instant changes to improve performance. Over the course of a 3- month campaign, our clients notice an increase in lead volume as the optimal strategy is dialed in.

Average lead rates by industry

Successful Case Studies

Watch video interviews with some of our 10 most successful clients

‘We have signed up 4 clients with an estimated return of £500k to our business’

'We signed 4 new deals from one campaign - worth over 6 six figures to our business'

'Specifically attributed to Clever Marketing is a 6 figure pipeline right now'

" Clever Marketing has delivered thousands of leads for companies interested in speaking and exhibiting at my events."

'To any business owners looking to get more appointments - you have to give Clever Marketing a shot!'


The prices quoted below include everything to set up, run and optimise your campaign (including data, software, domains etc)

The minimum campaign commitment
is 3 months.

We offer a discount to clients who pay in advance as it reduces the data and software costs associated with running your campaign.

Pay monthly for
3 months

Pay for 90 day
campaign in advance


per month


per month

90 day campaign price

Subsequent months after 90 days


$1,050 saving!


per month

Increase Prospect Volume

Want to reach to more than 2,000 prospects each month?

Based on companies with a broad audience containing more than 20k businesses we can increase the volume of prospects at a discounted rate.

This offer is only valid to qualifying businesses and will need to be confirmed by an account manager.

Number of prospects per month

Additional Price






+ $850 per month

+ $1,150 per month

+ $1,350 per month

Your Management Team

Campaign Management

Nicoline is responsible for data sourcing, technical setup and ongoing maintenance of your campaign to ensure deliverability and open rates remain consistent. She will be your point of contact for campaign related enquiries.

Nicoline and her team will notify you of any new leads coming through on a daily basis and present a weekly report illusrating the campaign performance.

Nicoline Muller

Project Manager

Tristan Coyne


Strategy & Copywriting

Joshua is responsible for communicating your value proposition in a format that is going to engage decision makers in your target market.

Together with Tristan, they will develop outreach templates that are split tested to reveal which hook/angle is resonating best with your target market.


Matthew is responsible for ensuring you're getting the leads you need to build a consistent pipeline of sales opportunities.

Nicoline and her team will notify you of He monitors campaign performance, identifies winning data signals and recommends new opportunities to increase lead flow.

Nicoline Muller

Project Manager

How long does it take to get leads?

Day 1

An onboarding call will be scheduled with your project manager and the copywriting team

Day 2-5

Your campaign managers will begin sourcing your data & warming email domains while the copywriters craft your outreach templates

Day 6

We arrange a message review call to share the templates with you. After the call you will be sent the templates to make any edit/revision requests.

Day 7-10

The copywriters will complete any revisions before sending to you for final approval. Your project manager will finalise data and ensure email accounts are warmed.

Day 10-12

Your project manager will notify you that the campaign is ready to launch and will guide you through the best practices to maximise success.

Day 12-15

On average clients start receiving their first leads within 72 hours of the campaign going live

Need to speak to an account manager?

Still have a few questions?

We appreciate that for some clients this is a significant investment and you want to be sure a Clever Marketing campaign is going to deliver new sales opportunities.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with an active client to learn their experience with us please let your account manager know and we can get this organised.

We hope to generate leads for your company very soon!

The tools we use to generate thousands of B2B leads every year