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A business needs a character and an identity, just like a person and just like a person, it needs to have a Voice. Search Engine Optimisation helps Your business website grow.
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Experts

Established in 2010, we have attempted, characterised and refined our way to deal with search engine optimisation, and digital marketing strategies, and have assembled a novel structure that is customised to your brand to drive significant and positive outcomes. Using customers’ vision and demands, our media managing experts work with you to achieve business goals, target the right audience and help you take strong progressive measures for business growth.
Our team comprises profoundly talented, creative and highly skilled professionals who work across a-listed brands in all sets of industries, bringing about strategic measures in order to make a significant impact on the local markets. 

Why is search engine optimisation important for an online business?

For a business to function online their online presence has a major impact on overall growth and success of your business. It all narrows down to how easily your target audience is able to find you online. Logically, your audience has to be pre-aware of your brand before they do any business with your brand. That’s where search engine optimisation comes in. A simple SEO audit provides business owners insights about how visible their online content is to their audience and how is it performing.

Now imagine a scenario where your customer performs a Google search to get information relevant to your business. They do the search and get multiple results for other brands that fit their need. But because your business’ internet marketing content was not optimized in the best way to capture the attention of your customer, but also search engine algorithm, your online content is now not seeing the optimal results it could.

As an experienced search engine optimisation company, we recognize these gaps, and provide you with the most effective search engine optimisation solution for your company. If your online content is not hitting your business goals, then maybe it’s time to have it examined by CJE’s SEO experts.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimisation service?

Any business which has a genuine desire to grow, improve and change in the modern market has to consider the importance of using Search engine optimisation. As an SEO company in Ireland, we help businesses’ locally and across Ireland move up the search ladder and to dominate their niche. Every business that has any ambitions of continual growth and long-term prosperity has to consider the use of search engine optimisation to get their website to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Three Key areas that we focus to grow your business by our SEO services:

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Traffic is generated by becoming visible on SERP(search engine results pages). Results that are higher on the SERP’s are seen as the most trustworthy and relevant website, which brings them more clicks and traffic. These pages are your competition; you could also get a major flow of that relevant traffic. Our agency provides you with a solution that is both ethical & results driven specifically designed for search engine optimisation. To put you in the top spot; we implement keywords and strategies after researching your business, market trends and your target audience behavior.

Quality Website Traffic

The more times that people see your ad, the higher the probability that they are going to click on it. That is the idea behind remarketing ads. These ads are shown to those who visited your site but did not make a purchase or become your client. Because these ads are retargeting people who are already familiar with what you offer they are addressed according to where these people are in your sales funnel. These ads follow your website visitors across the web so that they start seeing your brand everywhere.

Measurable Results

Numbers speaks words. That is why we are firm on tracking results. We believe in transparency our reports will be simple and easy for you to understand and evaluate results delivered by our team.

Boost your website rankings with CJE

Even though there are certain predefined techniques that we apply to each of our client’s campaigns, our company’s SEO professionals know that the best SEO services aren’t one size fits all. Our SEO service and SEO packages are unique to your company’s specific business goals, budget and target audience. No two businesses are the same and your SEO service shouldn’t be no different.

We have worked with a number of diverse business niches, feel free to reach out to us for a quick consultancy and analysis of your website.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

Did you know that the average person between the ages of 18 to 45 spends anywhere between 3 to 5 hours a day looking at their social media feeds Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram and the rest. The question is; are they looking at your fan pages?

We at Clever Marketing Agency have come up with a plan. Most companies forget to post a personal feel to their social media accounts, and at the end of the day, we believe that people buy from people.

It begins with creating a social media strategy written by a dedicated content writer, tailored to your business that will deliver results. This will be the roadmap for the partnership between ourselves, and this way it can be expertly crafted content on a day-to-day basis.

On top of all of this, you will also receive a weekly catch up call along with regular reporting in a form of your choice.

If you are looking to start developing an online business or want to discuss your existing digital marketing performance, feel free to contact us for a free consultancy session with our expert.

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Our Process

Team Clever Marketing is not afraid to follow an unbeaten path to bring their customers the results as promised.

Search Engine Optimization
Management Process

Our unique process is an integrated approach designed to achieve optimal success through social media, online marketing and advertising in Ireland and on global platforms as well;

The first step in our process is becoming familiar with your business, your target audience, and your goals. Then we analyse the current site’s content, mapping, code, and keyword density to discover site weaknesses & strengths. We perform keyword research to determine what keywords your audience is using and what keywords can be useful to craft content around.

After we analyse the information on your site, we begin to develop a customised plan to take your current site and transform it. We reconfigure your site’s web pages with the best seo techniques that will turn it into a site that not only begins to rank above your competition, but also higher up on SERPs for the keywords your target audience uses the most. In the midst of all this, we always keep in mind your user experience, making sure to use white hat seo techniques, so your overall site still performs well for your visitors.

One of the most important parts of the process is setting up all the proper tools. Without the right tools, you won’t be able to measure the results. Implementation of technical SEO prerequisites such as tools, dashboards, and analytic systems are used so we don’t miss an inch of your optimization success.

The next step is to perform an execution of on-page seo and off-page optimisation strategies. If you aren’t familiar with the terms “on-page seo” and “off-page seo,” they are simply used to refer to the type of practices used to rank your website. On-page seo is the factors you can control, like content. Off-page seo refers to any other factors that are external, like backlinks. This stage of the process consists of cleaning up your site’s code, content, architecture, mapping, keyword usage and much more.

Being the best SEO Company, we know the importance of keeping track of the metrics. This also comes with the duty to optimize your content when it needs it. A part of our SEO services is to provide continuous on-page optimisation, blogging, link-building, consultation, and strategy. This is to ensure that your website and other online content are always performing the best it can. In the end, this is how you will build lasting success for your company.


Analysis & Consulting

Without analytics and insights it is strenuous to track success and identify opportunities vital for driving digital marketing strategy further ahead. We regularly monitor and track KPI’s against results and share it bi-weekly and monthly with our clients.

We also offer consulting assistance for your internal analytics and digital marketing implementation.

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