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Maximizing the power of social media can create a fan base that will continue buying from you. Is that something that you’re looking for? Would you like someone to do it for you? Learn more about social media management.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management Experts

Established in 2010, we have attempted, characterised and refined our way to deal with search engine optimisation, and digital marketing strategies, and have assembled a novel structure that is customised to your brand to drive significant and positive outcomes. Using customers’ vision and demands, our media managing experts work with you to achieve business goals, target the right audience and help you take strong progressive measures for business growth.
Our team comprises profoundly talented, creative and highly skilled professionals who work across a-listed brands in all sets of industries, bringing about strategic measures in order to make a significant impact on the local markets. 

Why do you need a Social media management company?

When managing your business’ social media platforms, putting all eggs in one basket is not recommended. Since, all social media platforms are different in their own way. Each of these social media networks has its own strengths & features that can be beneficial to your business. That is why it is crucial to have an effective strategy for more than one social media platform.

But would not that be time consuming? If you do it yourself, yes it can take your valuable time and resources.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Our digital marketing company can help you with our social media management services.
Our social media promotion strategies have a proven record of helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. If you are aiming to grow your audience, generate leads or get new customers, or boast your ROI- Clever Marketing’s Social Media Management team is here to help.

Social Media Managent & Marketing Services that we offer

We offer social media management & marketing service for any of the social media platforms below. If you are interested in knowing more about “how our social media management works?”, then you can simply click “Learn More” to schedule a free meeting with our social media marketing consultants.


A leading platform like Facebook with over 2 billion active monthly users, you are guaranteed to reach your target audience.


Sixty percent of people use this network to discover new products. You can start building your own private audience with this platform


Over 330 million users ranging from the age of 18-64 use twitter making it the best platform to increase your brand recognition. Twitter can enable you to build trusted social relationship with your audience.


Every picture speaks its story. Pinterest has a primarily middle-high income women audience and over 440 million users; your presence on this platform adds a lot to your brand recognition and reach.


LinkedIn allows you to reach over half a billion decision-makers and professionals which include an audience of college educated individuals. This platform is best for business owners looking to expand their business.

Our Process

Team Clever Marketing is not afraid to follow an unbeaten path to bring their customers the results as promised.

Social Media Management
Strategy & Implementation

Our process applies an integrated approach designed to attain optimal success through social media, digital marketing and advertising in Ireland and on global platforms as well;

The first step involves evaluating your brand to find out current operational strategy and social standing. A complete review of the existing campaigns and digital presence helps us identify the missing opportunities which in turn result in the development of a robust social media strategy. This strategy includes identifying and setting up specific targets, a laid out plan to achieve these targets and expanding the existing brand volume.

Our team of content writers and graphic designers are experts at creating captivating content in alliance with your brand strategy. We love making enchanting content to obtain maximum engagement from your consumers.

Keeping track of digital trends and audience patterns we monetize your brand activity across all social platforms to target consumers more effectively, yielding conversions from all channels.

We implement and manage all your social media posting and engagement. Most brands don’t respond to comments and lose engaging audiences, we keep a close eye on community management and growth by timely responding to comments and messages. This not only derives sales from those asking about your brand but also those who just read these conversations to make a decision about your brand.

With paid marketing we target relevant audiences to get actionable results. Our specialised content targeting techniques and detailed demographic analysis lets us bring the right audience to your sales funnel. Our paid marketing strategies bring conversions and growth at an accelerated rate.

Along with ongoing social media campaigns we integrate influencer and PR partnerships to amplify your brand’s social presence and impact. We think, develop and implement campaigns to rectify your brand goals and strategy.

Tracking insights and analytics is important to get the best out of a digital campaign. We regularly monitor and study analytics to improve our social strategy. Serving as an extension to your team we share these in reports to stay aligned with your business objectives and keep you on the same page with us about our social strategy.


Analysis & Consulting

Without analytics and insights it is strenuous to track success and identify opportunities vital for driving digital marketing strategy further ahead. We regularly monitor and track KPI’s against results and share it bi-weekly and monthly with our clients.

We also offer consulting assistance for your internal analytics and digital marketing implementation.

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