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Established in 2010, we have attempted, characterised and refined our away to deal with search engine optimisation, and digital marketing strategies, and have assembled a novel structure that is customised to your brand to drive significant and positive outcomes. Using customers’ vision and demands, our media managing experts work with you to achieve business goals, target the right audience and help you take strong progressive measures for business growth.
Our team comprises profoundly talented, creative and highly skilled professionals who work across a-listed brands in all sets of industries, bringing about strategic measures in order to make a significant impact on the local markets. 

Why do you need a Social media advertising company?

A strong marketing strategy is necessary for attaining desired results on any digital or social media campaign. We will help you achieve real business goals from your social network advertising spend.
We can handle all your social network platforms, and make your dreams come true by implementing an innovative and customised strategy that will match your goals. By keeping track of trends and analysing audience reactions, we ensure that the paid strategy is always up to date. We make sure that you are not wasting your ad spend, be it for increasing online sales, creating brand awareness or generating traffic to your eCommerce store. You can rely on our paid social advertising services, where we work, to ensure your success!
Our social media promotion strategies have a proven record of helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. If you are aiming to grow your audience, generate leads or get new customers, or boost your ROI- Clever Marketing Agency is here to help.

Social Network Advertising Services that we offer

Social network advertising service will help you generate immediate and effective results on social media. We connect your products/services to your target audience. We will provide you the most cost-effective and targeted advertising available. With Clever Marketing you will get you the most efficient ways to boost your brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, conversions and sales.


Reportedly the average Facebook user has clicked 12 ads in a month, Facebook advertising campaigns reach over 1/3rd of more than 2 billion active monthly Facebook users. Facebook remains the best advertising platform for B2C, B2B and ecommerce advertising.


Ninety-two percent of Instagram users stated that they make a purchase soon after following a brand on Instagram. Capture your users’ attention by using one of the most visually engaging social media advertising platforms.


Over ninety percent of brand tweets are clicked, during live events Twitter ads have reported to me more effective than TV ads. The fact that twitter users are more interactive makes it one of the best platforms to engage and connect with your target audience, either through tweets or ads.


You can target customers who are actively looking for Pins relevant to your product/service, 77% of Pinners state that they find Pinterest best for brand discovery. Pinterest users like to try what they find on this platform, 80% of weekly Pinners made a purchase based on brand’s content. This is the best platform to reach the female market and retail consumers.


LinkedIn advertising allows you to reach decision-makers and professionals. B2B content marketers state that LinkedIn is the top paid and organic social media platform. 60% of B2B companies say that they were able to acquire new clients using LinkedIn ads.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

Thinking about social network advertising? Did you know that the average person between the ages of 18 to 45 spends anywhere between 3 to 5 hours a day looking at their social media feeds Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram and the rest. The question is; are they looking at your fan pages?

We at Clever Marketing have come up with a plan. Most companies forget to post a personal feel to their social media accounts, and at the end of the day, we believe that people buy from people.

It begins with creating a social media strategy written by a dedicated content writer, tailored to your business that will deliver results. This will be the roadmap for the partnership between ourselves, and this way it can be expertly crafted content on a day-to-day basis.

On top of all of this, you will also receive a weekly catch up call along with regular reporting in a form of your choice.

If you are looking to start developing an online business or want to discuss your existing digital marketing performance, feel free to contact us for a free consultancy session with our expert.

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Our Process

Team Clever Marketing is not afraid to follow an unbeaten path to bring their customers the results as promised.

Social Network Advertising
Strategy & Implementation

Our process applies an integrated approach designed to attain optimal success through social media, digital marketing and advertising in Ireland and on global platforms as well;

The first step involves evaluating your brand to find out current operational strategy and social standing. A complete review of the existing campaigns and digital presence helps us identify the missing opportunities which in turn result in the development of a robust social media strategy. This strategy includes identifying and setting up specific targets, a laid out plan to achieve these targets and expanding the existing brand volume.

A social media manager with advertising experience will learn and understand your business, and help you finalise a cost effective strategy. We will assign an ad specialist on our staff to run your advertisements committed social media channels.

For us, the key to success is ensuring that your brand is actively present on the social and  digital platforms that match your target audience’s choices and your brand vision. We continually study worldwide trends, development and growth of digital platforms and make sure that our strategy is efficiently adapted to match the variations occurring behind social platforms.

Launch ads that people actually want to click on. CJE agency’s ad specialists will write your ad copy, headlines, and develop images for your campaign. We will also A/B split test your advertisements to identify which ads are driving the most results.
With regular monitoring we’ll be able to identify low-performing areas of your ad campaigns immediately. If results starts to decline, we will detect it immediately and pause low-performing ads. In addition, we’ll launch new ads to keep the results coming in.
We place high importance on tracking results and delivering you powerful analytics. We will be the first to tell you if there is something we could be doing differently or better. We track results weekly, report learnings monthly & firmly believe in strategy sessions each quarter to ensure we are aligned in our business objectives and moving forward in our social strategy. We act as a full extension of your team and ensure you have all of the data you need to make your job easier.

Get More with Clever Marketing

We offer a full set of additional services to meet your marketing requirements. At Clever Marketing we believe that Social Media is neutral but is best put to work in the service of building a better sales funnel

Review & Consultation

Review and analysis is important in understanding your data and finding missed opportunities that help develop a better digital strategy for future success. We keep track of results, set up and meet ongoing KPI’s and keep our clients up to date by arranging regular meetings (biweekly, monthly or quarterly) matching the needs of the particular project. 

We provide consultation services as well, that help our clients better understand their brand demographics and help them achieve their goals.

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