20 easy tips to be found on Instagram

Instagram CJE Agency

20 easy tips to be found on Instagram Want to be noticed by customers on Instagram… Don’t let your posts get lost in a sea of images on Instagram!  There are over 1 billion daily active Instagram users on the platform, We at CJE Digital Marketing Agency put together some tips to help potential customers […]

5 Tips On How to Grow Your Service Business Online


In March 2020, when COVID-19 hit the whole world moved online. As a business, it didn’t matter if you were ready for it or not, online business is no longer a choice, it was necessary and is now the normal.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme 2021 or TOV


TOV scheme aims to assist new small Irish businesses that are 6 months or older to get their business online and to help existing Irish SME’s to update or get a new more effective website and help with overall online marketing.

Online Trading Vouchers or TOV (Dates)


Due to the current Covid19 crisis, all workshops are being held online. If you miss a workshop in your own Local Enterprise Office area, you can attend a workshop in another region, and still make your application to your own Local Enterprise Office.