20 easy tips to be found on Instagram

Want to be noticed by customers on Instagram… Don’t let your posts get lost in a sea of images on Instagram! 

There are over 1 billion daily active Instagram users on the platform, We at CJE Digital Marketing Agency put together some tips to help potential customers find you……. 

1. Say what it does on the tin, ask yourself these questions…

Use your best picture to set up your display picture. Make sure your Instagram handle instantly attracts peoples’  attention. It should be able to conveys what you do, and don’t forget to include your website URL!

Adding a good bio is essential. Use it to show your unique personality rather than being too bland and ordinary. Try to mix in a few key phrases as well as hashtags that could help anyone looking for the kinds of product or service you offer. 

2. Ensure your posts/feed have a theme.

Remember…Instagram is visual! If you use the same filter & style of photography/imagery then your posts will be more recognisable and distinct. Try to use the same style fonts & correct colour pantones across all channels, including your website, for brand consistency. Use these social platforms to construct a brand identity. 

3. It’s Social Media……be Social!

A powerful way to make Instagram work really well for your business is to watch your competition & who comments/interacts with their posts. You need to get social with these followers by interacting with them. May sound time consuming, but it works! This is a successful way to build an organic audience of potential new customers for your business.

4. Make use of Hashtags, they will bring people to your feed

There are millions of posts on the platform so how can you help people find you? Hashtags direct users to what they are interested in. Aim to use 10+ hashtags, however, as too many can look spammy, add them into your first comment on posts. Do your research to make sure your hashtags are relevant. Hashtagify.me is a great place to find popular hashtags. Build a few different hashtag lists and change between them throughout your posts. Keep up to date with successful Instagram accounts in your industry that have a lot of traction & see how they use hashtags. You will notice after a while of being consistent with the use of hashtags that your engaged audience will begin to grow.

5. What brand hashtags can do….

Brand hashtags help your followers to show the community what they think of your brand. This can create a discussion about your brand & encourage users to learn more about your products/services. Also, try to use a few core hashtags describing what it is you do in all posts


6. Always add a description onto your posts

Make sure your posts are relevant to your business, then add a caption that is interesting, engaging & if possible……. entertaining. A great caption can really add value to your posts by encouraging interaction & conversation, which leads to organic growth!

7. Be fussy !!!

If your pictures aren’t good quality even after some editing help…….Don’t post them!! There is too much competition out there for you to not make your business look 100% 

You don’t need to use a digital camera for great photographs. Even smartphones can be used to capture amazing pictures. Use filters and editing tools to make them look professional. Remember to have a clear space with simple colour contrasts.

8. Use Instagram tools for different layouts.

Instagram Layout will help you to create interesting montages, handy for multiple images or step-by-step images. Use story and highlights feature to make all your posts more accessible. Canva is a great free tool for creating images with lots of templates, Unfold & Ripl are among other great apps that will help you to create fabulous branded content.

9. Use your bio to direct followers to the appropriate link

Make sure you have the relevant link to either your website or a landing page. This can be changed to relate to certain posts eg. click link in bio to enter the competition/leave your contact info/register. Always redirect your clients to your bio.  

10. Network!!

Your Instagram will grow faster if you tag other businesses/organisations/accounts. This will show how engaged you are in your community. For example, other local businesses-share their stories, comment on their posts, mention them in your own posts when appropriate. 

11. Encourage conversation

Ask your followers to interact with your posts through conversation. Leave some information for the clients to ask using comment section or through direct messages. Only do this if you can 100% respond to comments and direct messages!

12. Connect with influential people

Do your research…….who is influential in your niche market/industry. Connect with them and explore how you might work together to improve your own Instagram visibility.

13. Research, Plan & schedule

Think ahead…….Plan a content calendar. Add into this calendar allocated time to create images & content. Save hashtag lists for copying & pasting into posts. 

14. Schedule ahead

Scheduling posts is highly recommended as this will ensure consistency. There are many scheduling tools to choose from. We recommend Buffer and Later.

15. Count & Measure results

See your traffic and conversion on Instagram with Google Analytics

Instagram Business Accounts also have Instagram Insights, which shows how effective your posts are.

16. Advertise !!

Businesses should use Instagram advertising. Whatever your marketing budget is, give it a go & see what traction you can gain for your business. You can use a simple single image or up to a 60-second video – and choices of a call to action buttons. A good way to start is by advertising a post that is organically doing better than other posts and go from there.

17. Have an image feed from Instagram on your website

Don’t add a link, embed them. This will help to grow your Instagram following directly from your website.

18. Video is the way to go…

Mix it up, add videos into your feed as they get more views/interaction. Use a tool like a buffer to choose a good thumbnail before posting a video onto feed. If you find it difficult to make a video or think of ideas, use tools like ripe to create moving images from your pictures. You can even add music! Boomerangs are another great way to easily add a video to your posts.

19.Use Instagram stories

Using Instagram stories daily as a business will help your feed to be shown to more users organically. Either post the same as what you are posting on your feed, use the typing tool to put quotes/information into stories or share followers/other businesses posts into stories. The options are HUGE!! Unfold is a great tool to create interesting stories. Add your favourite/biggest viewed stories into favourites with a cover image so they don’t do the 24-hour disappearing act!

20. IGTV

Adding these 15 seconds to 10-minute videos can boost the visibility of your products & services. Online video viewership is increasing, with tutorials & demonstrations among the most-watched! Video is the king of engagement and has proven to boost conversations. Get on it!