How to Integrate with the LinkedIn Pixel

How to Integrate with the LinkedIn Pixel

How to Add a LinkedIn Insight Tag

Similar to the Facebook Pixel, a LinkedIn Pixel (also known as the LinkedIn InsightTag) is a snippet of Javascript code implemented on your landing page to track page views and conversions. 

Step #1

In your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, go to the Account Assets drop-down menu and click Insight Tag. A new screen will appear. 



Step #2

Click the Manage Insight Tag drop-down menu on the right side of the screen and choose See tag. A new screen will appear. 

Step #3

Copy the Pixel code in the dialog box by clicking on the code snippet.


Troubleshooting the LinkedIn Pixel

If you’ve installed the pixel into your website, and your starting to notice tracking issues. You can contact us for more help or your LinkedIn’s Support team would best answer any questions about the integration.







Looking for Help with your LinkedIn Pixel
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