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Clever Marketing has grown its niche variety from make-up, fitness, apparel, supplements to dentists, lawyers, financial advisors and more. We bring in people who specialise in a range of platforms for our services with web development, media buying/ advertising and email marketing. 

Client Intro:

A Beauty Products Ecommerce Store Facebook Ads Case Study. A beauty products E-com store in NYC needed Digital Marketing Services to increase Sales. Learn how we turned around things for them 

The Challenges

  • The client had been burned by another agency
  •  The previous agency spent $10K on Facebook ads without real results
  • We did not have any landing pages or offers to work with
  • The pixel data was all messed up as the agency was using their own pixel instead of client’s pixel
  • We had 45 days to prove ourselves – the client was cautious after having burned in the past

Our Strategy

  • Complete pixel installation – we couldn’t afford losing data
  • We worked with the client to come up with a Freemium Model
  • We identified 2 products to test for the freemium model
  • Created 4 different landing pages for Freemium strategy
  • Email marketing strategy for follow up
  • Retargeting funnel strategy
  • Audience strategy was based on competitors, interests, job titles and Lookalikes.

The Result

✔️ The results skyrocketed in the very first month

✔️ Free plus shipping cost per result was as low as $5.40

✔️ ROAS even for freemium products was in positive because of the shipping charges

✔️ 900+ purchases recorded after the first month

✔️ Cost per purchase for core products was below $8

✔️ ROAS for core products jumped to 10.64% just from Facebook ads

✔️ Email marketing conversion from a free product to core product was 37%

✔️ AOV was increased using bundle offers.

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Clever Marketing is Ireland's leading social media & content marketing agency with headquarters in Dublin. We service global clients with extensive APAC, US and European market expertise.

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